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Private label



Building a long-term loyal customer base is one of the fundamental keys to business success. Such can be achieved through private labeling. Customers will become attached to your brand, which will ultimately increase loyalty and generate more sales to your business. 

High Margins:

Businesses having their private label will enjoy higher profit margins. The reason for this is that acquiring premade products will typically be costly compared to making your product, especially if the development and marketing of the products are of high quality. Another point to mention, a retailer with private label products manufactured can be more agile and react swiftly to market changes.

Wholesale income:

Businesses enjoying a private label would be able to not only benefit from retailing but also can choose to act as a wholesaler of their brand. WholeSale will both generate extra sales for your business and helps get more significant brand exposure. Private label products and their packaging bear your name and branding.


Private label will separate your products from its competition and make you the sole owner of the exclusive right to sell the product. With good marketing, you will create the demand for it, which benefits you because you are your customers’ only source for the product.

Kefi Trades is well equipped to help and guide you through your private label journey. We specialize in skincare, bedding, and Home textile. If you wish to know more about private label opportunities, we want to hear from you. Please reach out to us by filling our contact us form.